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Plumbing and heating systems in the Southwestern PA & WV region can vary, and many contain “old fashioned” boilers as part of the system. The professionals at DUCTZ Heating, Air Conditioning, & Plumbing handle the variety that comes our way every day, for both residential and commercial properties. Because we know the kind of problems associated with boiler systems, we proudly offer 24/7 emergency services when you need it.

Boiler Repairs & Conversions in Southwestern PA & WV
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Having a Boiler Emergency? Depend on DUCTZ to Fix It Fast

Residential and commercial boilers generally work well for lengthy periods; however, when they fail, a ‘simple repair’ can require much time to complete. Because they are labor-intensive to repair, many property owners with boiler systems usually call in plumbing professionals with experience. Residents and business owners in Southwestern PA and WV can depend on DUCTZ to fix boiler problems fast. With prompt response, we can check the boiler system to ensure its safe operation.

How Do You Know When a Boiler Needs Repair?

Since boiler systems are in older homes and buildings, chances are you have inherited or moved into a location with boiler heat. So how do you know when it needs repair? From noises to operational issues, these are some of the most common boiler problems with some clues that it is time to call DUCTZ for service:

Boiler Loses Pressure: The steam pressure should remain the same within high and low points if you expect the boiler to work at a high level. Steam leakage causes pressure loss most commonly, and some of this you might not be able to see. Loss of pressure can also mean that there are problems with the return system.

Boiler Making ‘Strange’ Noises: Knocking, whistling, or gurgling within the boiler can indicate that there is air in the system, the water pressure is too low, or there is a lime scale building on the boiler’s heat exchange. Proper gas pressure is vital, so our service techs check for this along with proper flame, air intake, and exhaust.

Blockage in Boiler: Blockages, such as scale buildup, can cause a heat transfer, resulting in higher utility costs.

Boiler Switching Off: If the boiler turns off, the problem could be a pressure loss, a bad thermostat, a blocked valve, or the pump does not push water through the system the right way.

Water Leaks from Boiler:
Water leaks are a sign that problems could arise very soon. Even if there is no water dripping around the area, steam leaks can be forced out of the stack.

Boiler Conversions by DUCTZ Heating, Air Conditioning, & Plumbing

At some point, an older boiler system may no longer make economic sense to operate. You may be spending more in repairs or fuel and choose to make a conversion to a more economical type of boiler or HVAC system. Trust the experienced team at DUCTZ Heating, Air Conditioning, & Plumbing for excellence and experience in residential and commercial boiler conversion services:

  • Boiler repairs
  • Service all makes and models of boilers
  • Installation of replacement boilers
  • Conversions from oil burning boilers to gas boilers
  • Consultations for boiler system improvements

Residential & Commercial Boiler Services by DUCTZ

Homes and businesses rely on DUCTZ Heating, Air Conditioning, & Plumbing to handle all makes and models of boiler systems. Call us today!

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